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My All Juniors by Alexandra Roberts

On the 21st of March I swam in the All Junior Heats along with about 6-7 other Kilmore swimmers. I competed all the events, but only made finals in fly and free. I was pretty nervous coming up to fly, even though I was ranked 2nd before the event even …

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All Juniors

All Juniors All juniors was a fantastic weekend for the Kilmore swimmers. After everyone who entered qualified in the heats at Seymour it was off to MSAC for the semi finals and finals. On the Saturday we had Alex, Patrick, Karla, Niamh, James C, Emilie and Xavier all compete. After …

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Pennant Season

Pennant Season It might be just me but the Pennant season seemed to go exceptionally quick this year. With Bunnings barbecues on the first two pennant weekends and two cancelled pennants, it was an eventful season. The Kilmore team as always put in their all, always swimming their best proudly …

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