Club Membership

Important Membership Information

The Kilmore Swimming Club regrets to announce that we will not be taking any new members at this point in time. The club currently has over 40 active swimmers and due to our restricted lane space we can not fit any more in.

If you are interested in joining our team to compete we will be holding tryouts around July 2018, please get in contact with us at: in June 2018 and we will let you know when we are holding try outs.

The club does not run swim lessons, we teach competent swimmers to compete, not to swim. If you are looking for swimming lessons please speak with the Kilmore Leisure Centre on 5734 0600.

To ensure a minimum standard has been achieved, all potential members must be assessed by Kilmore Swimming Club Coaches according to the below criteria. Upon successful entry into the Kilmore Swimming Club, payment of a Swimming Victoria registration fee and Kilmore Swimming Club fees must be made before the applicant is considered a member of the Kilmore Swimming Club.

New Swimming Members

10 years and under – Correct Technique of;

50m Freestyle
50m Backstroke
50m Breaststroke
Have potential for 50m Butterfly

11 to 13 years – Correct Technique of;

100m Freestyle
100m Backstroke
100m Breaststroke
Have potential for 100m Butterfly

14 years and over – Correct Technique & Times;

100m Freestyle F: 1:40.00 M: 1:30.00
100m Backstroke F: 1:50.00 M: 1:40.00
100m Breaststroke F: 2:00.00 M: 1:50.00
50m Butterfly F: 1:10.00 M: 1:00.00

Please Note: Where the above criteria is met, the final decision as to whether a swimmer is eligible for membership remains with the Coaches and Committee of management.

General Membership

General or non-swimming membership to the club is also available.