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Success at Australian Age Championships

Qualify for the 2015 Australian Age Championships is a challenge for any swimmer and Ethan Daws was no exception. With only two months to go and spending the previous two months overseas, Ethan was going to have to work hard to qualify for the event. Ethan, a multi-class swimmer and …

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Bunnings Barbecue 3rd May 2015

The Bunnings barbeques are one of the main sources of fund raising for the KSC and also a really great way of getting to know other parents and swimmers of the club. This year we have been lucky again to have been allocated two Bunnings barbeques; the first one at …

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My All Juniors by Alexandra Roberts

On the 21st of March I swam in the All Junior Heats along with about 6-7 other Kilmore swimmers. I competed all the events, but only made finals in fly and free. I was pretty nervous coming up to fly, even though I was ranked 2nd before the event even …

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