Club Membership

To ensure a minimum standard has been achieved, all potential members must be assessed by Kilmore Swimming Club Coaches according to the below criteria. Upon successful entry into the Kilmore Swimming Club, payment of a Swimming Victoria registration fee and Kilmore Swimming Club fees must be made before the applicant is considered a member of the Kilmore Swimming Club.

New Swimming Members

10 years and under – Correct Technique of;

50m Freestyle
50m Backstroke
50m Breaststroke
Have potential for 50m Butterfly

11 to 13 years – Correct Technique of;

100m Freestyle
100m Backstroke
100m Breaststroke
Have potential for 100m Butterfly

14 years and over – Correct Technique & Times;

100m Freestyle F: 1:40.00 M: 1:30.00
100m Backstroke F: 1:50.00 M: 1:40.00
100m Breaststroke F: 2:00.00 M: 1:50.00
50m Butterfly F: 1:10.00 M: 1:00.00

General Membership

General or non-swimming membership to the club is also available.